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I'm back.

Back in the states.

Back in Bellingham.

I miss Japan :(

And the fuckers in the apartment above mine seem to really like DDR.

Snoop Dogg

If any of you haven't heard Snoop Dogg's latest single, listen to it. It's indescribable, except possibly with the word "Country".

And amazing.

It's dedicated to Johnny Cash.

White Christmas



Went to Phoenix over thanksgiving break. It was pretty cool. Went to Sedona on Saturday. It's this tourist-trap town in the desert an hour or two north of Phoenix. It's famous for its red rocks and "spiritual vortexes." I just wanted to buy souvenirs there and look at the art. The McDonald's in town is the only one in the U.S. without yellow arches. Check it out:

Yeah, so Thanksgiving was cool. Not much to say about it, since none of you know my sister. Had fun with the twins. Saw the new Stephen King movie, The Mist. It was awesome. I highly recommend it.

Time to do some paper writin'. Ciao~

I've arrived!

I moved into my dorm in Bellingham yesterday. I'm all unpacked and my room is set up pretty much how I want it. Tomorrow I get to meet my roomate! I'm excited :D:D:D I start classes Wednesday, so until then I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe I'll play ffxi, maybe I'll read, maybe I'll study (most likely not, though I really should). Maybe I'll sleep! Actually, I probably won't, cos these beds are hard as slabs and the walls are paper thin.

Somehow I got overdrawn yesterday :((( so I had to take the $100 my mom gave me for books and put it in the bank. I still have enough though. They lent me another 700 so I can buy a plane ticket for Thanksgiving sooner rather than later. I'm going to AZ to visit my sister's family.
Well, there's not much to say, really. I've got about three and a half weeks left before I go off to Bellingham. I've gained more weight, so I'm starting to excercise. I want to bike for at least half an hour a day. Today I went to Lakewood and back. That was about an hour and a half.  Peter and I are going to Portland tomorrow. Tonight we're going to go see Balls of Fury. It looks really good. I love Christopher Walken.

Gainfully Unemployed

Well, I've been unemployed for almost a week now. My last day was friday; the boss begged me to stay. Now I'm just counting down the days until school starts. I can't wait. Other than that, there's not much to report. My days mostly consist of studying, watching TV, and touching myself (just kidding... or am I?) and it's really boring. I want to hang out more with my friends, but I also don't want to spend any money. I've got about $500 to last me until I go to school in a month and I also have to pay my parents back 200 I owe them and at least make minimum payments on my $300 credit card bill. 

I hate being so dependant on money!


漢字を思っているは大変だ。俺は漢字を書くのあとでたいていわすれる。べんきょうしたい、でもつまらない。 くそ、俺は日本語を思いたいよ!

So I'm trying to learn Kanji, but it's a total bitcharoo. Officially I have like another 50 or so to go, but the ones I've just learned I only half know, so I need a good way to review them. I want to just know it all right now!

Work's a bitch, too. However, I only have another week left there once this one is over. I'm apprehensive about that, though, because then I won't have an income besides my final tuition assistance check. I bought a digital camera. $100 for a refurbished one. I hope it doesn't crap out on me.

School Woes.

It's me again. I'm not sure if most of you read these anymore, but it's cool. Even though I'm mostly silent I'm reading yours. It's just that when I do finally read entries they're ussually days old.

I went to Bellingham on Thursday. It was cool (but muggy). I found out some stuff about it that put me at ease and other stuff that made me worried. I'm too far behind in Japanese to do a Major in it without putting in another 3.5-4 years. I was thinking about a double major in that and English ed, but the language advisor said if I want to teach ESL an english major is the most important thing anyway and a minor would be enough to let me teach Japanese in Highschool if I ever wanted to. There's a TESOL certification I will need to get (which is like a minor program itself) and I'll be getting High school teaching certification, so I will most likely end up as a fifth year senior (in reality  more like sixth since I spent 3 years at pierce).

I don't care, though. I'm still looking forward to it.

The bad stuff I found out is two-fold. First of all, I may have to take all my japanese classes over again. When I talked to the language advisor, she asked how many kanji I know. I told her about 30 (this weekend I reviewed what I know and it turns out to be over 50) and she said "Oh, you may have to start over at 101." That sucks. On top of that, since I never took 103, I'll have to wait until spring to take it. In that case, it will definately take 3 years, because I would take the 200 level classes the second year and the 300 level classes the third year.
On top of all that I found out that my Writing about Literature class I took here at Pierce doesn't count as taking their Writing about Literature class, something required to declare my English major. Unless I can convince a certain person (her name escapes me now) to count it as such, I will have to take that over again and will be delayed one quarter in my required English classes for applying to the Education department.
This is one very big negative they don't tell you about going to Community college. 

There isn't much other news to tell. I'm studying kanji and verbs and a little vocab from now until the end of summer. I'm going to try getting help from one of my japanese friends for improving my speech. And hopefully I'll be seeing Heidi sometime this week.


I'm alive!

Well, Summer is once again upon us. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but I was busy getting ready to move after school ended and now that I've moved (yes, I'm back with the folks), I have no internet connection. I'm back at Pierce typing this right now. I've been working full time at FedEx since school ended. I'm getting anywhere from 6 to 7.5 hours in a night. It's brutal. I don't ussually get to sleep until 1 or 2 am, and if you know me well, you know I love my sleep. 

So since I've been at my parents house I've mostly just been hanging out watching movies I've seen before, playing old video games, and reading bits of books. I need something to do, but I need to save money. Every Saturday night I'm out with Peter and his girlfriend Lucy drinking and talking. I've got a thing for one of her friends they tried to set me up with once. The night ended abruptly because they were arguing. I didn't get it, cos it was in korean, so I was confused when everyone all of a sudden wanted to go. Afterwards I saw her in school a few times. She always seemed happy to see me. Anyway Lucy said she'd bring her along again sometime, so I guess I just need to wait (and maybe bug her once in awhile about it).